Jeb Hunt and Geoffrey Lentz are brothers (step-brothers actually). They shared a room for seven years and have grown into best of friends. They have both been in ministry in one way or another and have a special passion for the church calendar. Both also love cooking and eating

Jeb Hunt brings the creative edge to the relationship. He has a degree in Communication Arts and was the Creative Director for First United Methodist Church of Pensacola for 10 years. He currently serves as the Lead Designer at Tom Hunt Residential Designs, Inc. and enjoys the creative process of custom home design and planning. He also enjoys photography and web design.

Jeb has always found cooking and baking to be a relaxing activity, and like many others he became more serious about amateur cooking during the stay-at-home days of the COVID pandemic in 2020. After reading extensively about cooking (and baking, in particular) and spending countless hours practicing in the kitchen, Jeb realized his increased passion for the culinary arts. Jeb hopes his culinary creations are both a feast for the eyes and for the soul.

Geoffrey Lentz brings the theological foundation for the project. He is the Senior Pastor at First United Methodist Church of Pensacola, FL and loves leading his congregation through the church seasons. He has a Master in Divinity from Duke University and a Doctorate of Ministry, with a focus on Worship, Spirituality, and Preaching from Drew University. While being a rather sloppy cook, he loves to tell the stories of faith through food.

Both Jeb and Geoffrey, have traveled extensively around the world. Jeb has bicycled across the United States, Europe, and New Zealand, while Geoffrey has led pilgrimages thoughout the Holy Land and the Celtic world.  They bring this world flare to the kitchen table. Furthermore each of them enjoys gardening through the seasons and bringing seasonal produce to the table. They view each meal as a cultural and seasonal window into a Christ-filled world.