Good Friday

Many of us grew up singing the song “hot cross buns.” However, did you know that hot cross buns were tied to Good Friday? The tradition from the United Kingdom and Ireland is to make a sweet bun that is marked by a cross to remind us of Good Friday. Sweet spices are used to remind us of Jesus’ burial. Hot … Read More

Holy Thursday

Thursday of Holy Week is where the story of Christ’s passion turns toward the cross. On this night we remember Jesus gathering with his disciples in an upper room, celebrating passover, and instituting the Lord’s Supper as meal for his disciples. The Lord’s Supper or Eucharist is a meal of liberation, like passover, with a focus on freedom from sin and death. … Read More

Palm/Passion Sunday

The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday. It commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the Sunday before his death. The scriptures tell us that the crowd waved palm branches and shouted, “Hosanna!” Churches around the world beautifully recreate this scene by distributing palm branches or branches from other trees, if their climate is not conducive to palms. In many protestant traditions the … Read More

St. Oscar Romero

St. Oscar Romero is one of the newest saints, officially canonized by the Catholic Church in 2018. Yet, he has been widely celebrated by the church, including protestants, since his martyrdom in 1980. When chosen to be the Archbishop of San Salvador in 1977, he was thought to be a safe choice and widely known to support the status quo … Read More

St. Patrick

Most people do not know that the most cherished of Irish saints was a British Roman. He was captured at the age of sixteen and made a slave, forced to tend sheep in the Irish countryside where he learned the local language. Six years later he escaped back to his family in Briton, where he heard the call to ministry to … Read More

Refreshment Sunday

Sometimes you just need a break. The burdens of life can be wearisome and burnout is common. Our forebearers knew that this was true of even good things like Lent. This season, with all of its fasting and self-denial, can make even the most ardent believer fall exhausted. So, the church has designated a “Refreshment Sunday.” Falling in the middle of Lent, Refreshment … Read More

St. Perpetua, St. Felicity, and their Companion Martyrs

We learn about these saints in an early Christian writing called The Passion of St. Perpetua and Felicity from 203 AD. It is one of the first Christian books attributed to a woman, the well educated, Perpetua. From the North African city of Carthage, Perpetua was a rich noble woman and Felicity was a slave. They both heard the call of … Read More

Commemoration of John and Charles Wesley

On March 3rd we celebrate two more protestant saints, John and Charles Wesley.  These brothers were Anglican priests, who led a lay movement in the the United Kingdom and its colonies. Where Martin Luther refocused the church on grace, the Wesleys noted that grace means transformation. They encouraged both individuals and the society to move on to perfection, which for them meant … Read More

Temptation Sunday

On the first Sunday of Lent, we turn our attention to the Temptation of Christ. After his baptism, he was driven into the desert wilderness by the Holy Spirit. There, he fasted and prayed for forty days. This is why Christians celebrate Lent for a forty day period. We join Jesus in fasting and prayer, seeking to increase our dependence on God. We also remember the … Read More

Feast Day of Martin Luther

Luther is one of the many protestant saints we will celebrate through food. He was the most prominent figure of the Reformation. As an Augustinian monk, Luther was a great scholar of scripture and the writings of St. Augustine. He came to believe in study that the church had lost its way and needed to come back to its foundation in … Read More