Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, December 24th, is the last day of Advent. Because it is a penitential season, Christmas Eve Day has always been one of fasting. The fast is broken with Christmas Eve Communion during a candle lighting service. The rhythm seems strange, but Christian holidays always begin with the evening prior. So Christmas begins on Christmas Eve and All Saints … Read More

Fourth Sunday of Advent

During the end of the season of Advent, the church always reads the Magnificat.  The Magnificat is the song sung by Mary in celebration of what was happening to her. This song is not the stuff of sentimental Christmas carols, but instead, a political manifesto. “The mighty ones will be brought down from their thrones and the lowly lifted up.” It is an … Read More

Third Sunday of Advent

Saint Lucia’s Day, the traditional feast day of St. Lucy, is observed on December 13th. St. Lucy (also known as Saint Lucia) was one of the early Christian martyrs, killed because of her religious beliefs around 304 AD, during the reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletian Born into a wealthy family in Sicily, tradition says that Lucy, after dedicating her … Read More

Second Sunday of Advent

You can not get to Christmas without first learning of John the Baptist. John the Baptist was an uncomfortable man who makes all of learn of him uncomfortable. He gave up the trappings of city life to live alone in the desert. There he ate locust and wild honey instead of meat and potatoes. He even gave up comfortable clothing for a coarse, … Read More

First Sunday of Advent

The Christian Year begins at the end. Maybe it is good to have the end in mind when be start anything new. The Christian calendar begins with longing for the coming of Christ. We long for Christ to come in fullness and bring healing to all of the world’s brokenness. We long for all of creation to finally find its … Read More